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Reversible angiotensin II-mediated albuminuria in rat kidneys is dynamically associated with cytoskeletal organization.

Steven P Clavant, Josephine M Forbes, Vicki Thallas, Tanya M Osicka, George Jerums, Wayne D Comper

Nephron Physiol | Published : 2003


Angiotensin II (ANG II) is intimately involved in normal renal function, and is estimated to exist at a normal physiological range of 6-10 nM within the renal tubules. The potential role that intrarenal ANG II may play in renal disease was assessed by perfusing isolated rat kidneys with or without excess intratubular levels of ANG II, which may mimic changes in the intrarenal RAS under pathological conditions. The effects of increased systemic ANG II were also determined by infusing rats with ANG II by osmotic pump. In isolated perfused kidneys, ANG II significantly and specifically increased the fractional clearance of albumin to clinical levels, as determined by using radiolabelled albumin..

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