Journal article

Spatial distribution of soil moisture over 6 and 30 cm depth, Mahurangi river catchment, New Zealand

DJ Wilson, AW Western, RB Grayson, AA Berg, MS Lear, M Rodell, JS Famiglietti, RA Woods, TA McMahon



Ground-based measurement of the spatial distribution of soil moisture can be difficult because sampling is essentially made at a point and the choice of both sample depth and sample spacing affects the interpretation of the measurements. Hydrological interest has generally been in soil moisture of the root zone. Microwave Remote Sensing methods are now available that allow the interpretation of spatial distributions of soil moisture, however, their signals respond to moisture in the upper few centimetres of soil. These instruments are still being developed, but one of the questions surrounding their application is how to interpret the surface moisture in a hydrological context. In this study..

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