Journal article

Poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels: Their synthesis and steps towards control of electroendosmosis

HK Purss, MJ Caulfield, DH Solomon, J Sommer-Knudsen

ELECTROPHORESIS | WILEY | Published : 2003


Poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVAl) hydrogel networks cross-linked with glutaraldehyde were prepared and their properties as membranes examined using a variety of techniques including preparative electrophoresis. Electroendosmosis (EEO) was observed and shown to be the result of charges on the membrane and of complexation with borate buffer ions. Investigation of "glutaraldehyde" solutions showed acid entities in, or formed in "glutaraldehyde" were responsible for EEO. Techniques for using "glutaraldehyde" which minimize EEO are described.

University of Melbourne Researchers