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Proof of homologous blood transfusion through quantification of blood group antigens

M Nelson, H Popp, K Sharpe, M Ashenden

Haematologica | FERRATA STORTI FOUNDATION | Published : 2003


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Athletes may illegally enhance endurance performance by transfusing homologous red blood cells (RBCs) and thereby increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of their blood. Detecting this dangerous practice is difficult by currently used methods. The aim of this work was to develop tests capable of detecting a mixed red cell population by flow cytometry, utilizing the likelihood of differences in minor blood group antigens. DESIGN AND METHODS: Twelve antisera directed against blood group antigens, derived from donor plasma, were used in conjunction with a secondary antibody directly conjugated with fluorescein to label IgG-coated RBCs. Optimal concentrations of RBCs a..

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