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Use of antidepressant medications in the general practice setting. A critical review.

Kelsey Hegarty, David Ames, Jeremy Anderson, Caroline Johnson, Roslyn McKinnon, Rob Moulds

Aust Fam Physician | Royal Australian College of General Practitioners | Published : 2003


BACKGROUND: Antidepressants are commonly prescribed in general practice for depression, but also for a wide range of other psychiatric conditions and physical problems. OBJECTIVE: This review, although concentrating on the use of antidepressants in depression, also reviews their use in other conditions commonly seen in general practice. DISCUSSION: For most major depression, all antidepressant drugs have equal efficacy. The choice of antidepressant drug needs to be tailored to the particular patient's medical condition and personal preferences. It is likely that adverse effects are the major determinant in the choice of antidepressant for a particular patient. However, in treating conditions..

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