Conference Proceedings

A simple configuration to generate 40Gbit/s duobinary CSRZ- and CSRZ-DPSK signals with enlarged dispersion tolerance

DS Lee, MS Lee, YJ Wen, A Nirmalathas

Proceedings: Leos 2003: The 16th annual meeting of the IEEE lasers and electro-optics society | IEEE | Published : 2003


A novel transmitter configuration generating SB-DCSRZ signal and EB-CSRZ-DPSK signal is presented. The method is potentially cost-effective due to the simple configuration, and more dispersion tolerant due to the electrically band-limiting. Compared with EB-CSRZ signal, improvement of dispersion tolerance is reduced for EB-DCSRZ signal and enhanced for EB-CSRZ-DPSK signal, while signal distortion is improved for EB-DCSRZ signal and deteriorated for EB-CSRZ-DPSK signal.