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P2X7 receptor cell surface expression and cytolytic pore formation are regulated by a distal C-terminal region

ML Smart, B Gu, RG Panchal, J Wiley, B Cromer, DA Williams, S Petrou

Journal of Biological Chemistry | AMER SOC BIOCHEMISTRY MOLECULAR BIOLOGY INC | Published : 2003


The importance of the cytosolic C-terminal region of the P2X7 receptor (P2X7R) is unquestioned, yet little is known about the functional domains of this region and how they may contribute to the numerous properties ascribed to this receptor. A structure-function analysis of truncated and single-residue-mutated P2X7 receptors was performed in HEK-293 cells and Xenopus oocytes. Cells expressing receptors truncated at residue 581 (of 595) have negligible ethidium ion uptake, whereas those expressing the P2X7R truncated at position 582 give wild type ethidium ion uptake suggesting that pore formation requires over 95% of the C-terminal tail. Channel function was evident even in receptors that we..

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