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Zn-Pb mineralisation in the Silvermines district, Ireland: a product of burial diagenesis

CP Reed, MW Wallace



Carbonate-sulphide cement stratigraphic relationships in the host rock and ore have been used to constrain the age of mineralisation at the Silvermines zinc-lead-barium deposit. The base-metal sulphides post-date planar dolomite and replace stylolites. Furthermore, the pre-mineralisation planar dolomites also replace stylolites. These and other diagenetic observations indicate that the base-metal sulphides formed at burial depths greater than 800 m, but probably predate the Variscan deformation (since pressure shadows overgrow base metal sulphides). This indicates that the sulphides are of epigenetic origin, constraining the age of mineralisation to between the late Chadian (≈347 Ma) and the..

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