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Ectopic activation of Dpp signalling in the male Drosophila germline inhibits germ cell differentiation

SM Bunt, GR Hime

GENESIS | WILEY | Published : 2004


The mechanisms that control differentiation of stem cells to specialised cell types probably include factors intrinsic to stem cells as well as extrinsic factors produced by the microenvironment of the stem cell niche. The Drosophila male germline is renewed from a population of stem cells located in the apical tip of the adult testis. The morphological relationship between germline stem cells and their surrounding somatic cells is well understood but the factors that regulate stem cell proliferation and differentiation are still being uncovered. This study examined the effect of stimulating Dpp signalling directly in male germ cells. Ectopic Dpp or Activin signalling resulted in overprolife..

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