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Defective neural tube closure and anteroposterior patterning in mice lacking the LIM protein LMO4 or its interacting partner deaf-1

KM Hahm, EYM Sum, Y Fujiwara, GJ Lindeman, JE Visvader, SH Orkin

Molecular and Cellular Biology | AMER SOC MICROBIOLOGY | Published : 2004


LMO4 belongs to a family of transcriptional regulators that comprises two zinc-binding LIM domains. LIM-only (LMO) proteins appear to function as docking sites for other factors, leading to the assembly of multiprotein complexes. The transcription factor Deaf-1/NUDR has been identified as one partner protein of LMO4. We have disrupted the Lmo4 and Deaf-1 genes in mice to define their biological function in vivo. All Lmo4 mutants died shortly after birth and showed defects within the presphenoid bone, with 50% of mice also exhibiting exencephaly. Homeotic transformations were observed in Lmo4-null embryos and newborn mice, but with incomplete penetrance. These included skeletal defects in cer..

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