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Oxytocinase/insulin-regulated aminopeptidase is distributed throughout the sheep, female reproductive tract and is regulated by oestrogen in the uterus

T Mustafa, SY Chai, CN May, FAO Mendelsohn, AL Albiston



Using [(125)I]Angiotensin IV (Ang IV) for the autoradiographic localisation of oxytocinase/insulin-regulated aminopeptidase (IRAP), we demonstrate for the first time that IRAP is distributed throughout the female reproductive tract. The highest concentration of IRAP was detected in the outer myometrial layer of the uterus with lower levels in the inner myometrial layer and in the luminal epithelium. High levels of the enzyme was also detected in the inner mucosal lining of the ampulla segment of the fallopian tubes with lower levels in the interstitial and isthmus. In the ovary, a high level of IRAP was found in the corpus albicans with lower levels throughout the ovarian cortex and the surr..

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