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An investigation of the relationship between free-viewing perceptual asymmetries for vertical and horizontal stimuli

MER Nicholls, JB Mattingley, N Berberovic, A Smith, JL Bradshaw

Cognitive Brain Research | ELSEVIER | Published : 2004


Two experiments examine the relationship between free-viewing vertical and horizontal perceptual biases. In Experiment 1, normal participants (n=24) made forced-choice luminance judgments on two mirror-reversed luminance gradients (the 'grayscales' task). The stimuli were presented in vertical, horizontal and oblique (+/-45 degrees ) orientations. Leftward and upward biases were observed in the horizontal and vertical conditions, respectively. In the oblique conditions, leftward and upward biases combined to produce a strong shift of attention away from the lower/right space toward the upper/left. Regression analyses revealed that the oblique biases were the combined product of the vertical ..

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