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Intelligent computing methods for indicated torque reconstruction

E Gani, C Manzie, M Palaniswami (ed.), B Krishnamachari (ed.), S Challa (ed.)

Proceedings of the 2004 Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks & Information Processing Conference | IEEE | Published : 2004


This paper proposes using a support vector machine to reconstruct indicated torque from the crank angle signal in an automotive engine. Support vector machines have been shown to perform extremely well in many classification and regression applications. The relationship between indicated torque and crankshaft angular velocity is a current research topic, and is also a nonlinear problem. In a typical combustion engine, cycle-by-cycle variations of combustion events occur, even when running at a fixed operating point. Engine idle speed controllers capable of reducing the variability have been proposed, and rely on indicated torque information. Furthermore, real-time indicated torque knowledge ..

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