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Increased anterior temporal lobe T2 times in cases of hippocampal sclerosis: A multi-echo T2 relaxometry study at 3 T

RS Briellmann, A Syngeniotis, S Fleming, RM Kalnins, DF Abbott, GD Jackson

American Journal of Neuroradiology | AMER SOC NEURORADIOLOGY | Published : 2004


BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Increased T2 relaxation times in the ipsilateral hippocampus are present in patients with hippocampal sclerosis. Visual assessment of T2-weighted images of these patients suggests increased signal intensity in the anterior temporal lobe as well. Our aim was to assess hippocampal and anterior temporal T2 relaxation times in patients with partial epilepsy by using a new T2-relaxometry sequence implemented by using a 3-T General Electric imaging unit. METHODS: Coronal view T2 maps were generated by using an eight-echo Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill sequence (TE, 28-231) with an acquisition time of 7 min on a 3-T General Electric Signa Horizon LX imaging unit. T2 relaxation ti..

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