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Are Duane syndrome and infantile esotropia allelic?

Benjamin J Connell, Robin M Wilkinson, Julie M Barbour, Lindsey W Scotter, Johan L Poulsen, M Gabriella Wirth, Rohan W Essex, Ravi Savarirayan, David A Mackey

Ophthalmic Genetics | Published : 2004


PURPOSE: To evaluate the clinical overlap of families with Duane syndrome and infantile esotropia to determine whether the identification of genes for Duane syndrome may explain some cases of infantile esotropia. METHODS: Three separate groups of patients were evaluated. 1) Families with features of infantile esotropia were identified through the Strabismus Inheritance Study Tasmania (SIST). Clinical details of participants and their families were reviewed for any cases of Duane syndrome. 2) Cases of Duane syndrome were identified through the clinical diagnostic database at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, and private ophthalmology clinics in Melbourne and Tasmania. Previous medical..

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