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Failure characteristics of the thoracic spine with a posteroanterior load: Investigating the safety of spinal mobilization

MM Sran, KM Khan, QA Zhu, HA McKay, TR Oxland



STUDY DESIGN: In vitro biomechanical study of human cadaveric thoracic spine segments and one intact cadaver and applied load measurements in human volunteers. OBJECTIVES: To quantify failure load and pattern of midthoracic vertebrae under a posteroanterior load and to compare failure load in vitro with applied load in vivo. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Osteoporosis and back pain are common alone and in combination among older adults. Spinal mobilization techniques have been shown to relieve back pain and improve function in various clinical settings. However, whether controlled spinal mobilization can cause vertebral fracture in individuals with osteoporosis is not known. METHODS: Twelve T5-..

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