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The distribution of polymorphic Alu insertions within the MHC class IHLA-B7 and HLA-B57 haplotypes

DS Dunn, BD Tait, JK Kulski



There are five polymorphic Alu insertion (POALIN) loci within the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I region that have been strongly associated with HLA class I alleles, such as HLA-A1, HLA-A2 and HLA-B57. In order to assess the variability and frequency of POALIN distribution within two common HLA-B haplotypes, we detected the presence of the MHC class I POALIN by PCR in a panel of 15 individuals with HLA-B57 and 47 homozygous individuals with 7.1 AH (HLA-B7, -Cw7, -A3) obtained from the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry, and also from four families (25 individuals) containing the HLA-B57 allele. Only two of the 47 HLA-B7 genotypes had a detectable POALIN, whereas all of the ..

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