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Extracellular matrix remodeling by human granzyme B via cleavage of vitronectin, fibronectin, and laminin

MS Buzza, L Zamurs, JR Sun, CH Bird, AI Smith, JA Trapani, CJ Froelich, EC Nice, PI Bird

Journal of Biological Chemistry | AMER SOC BIOCHEMISTRY MOLECULAR BIOLOGY INC | Published : 2005


Human granzyme B (GrB) released from cytotoxic lymphocytes plays a key role in the induction of target cell apoptosis when internalized in the presence of perforin. Here we demonstrate that GrB also possesses a potent extracellular matrix remodeling activity. Both native and recombinant GrB caused detachment of immortalized and transformed cell lines, primary endothelial cells, and chondrocytes. Cell detachment by GrB induced endothelial cell death (anoikis). GrB also inhibited tumor cell spreading, migration, and invasion in vitro. Investigation into the underlying mechanism revealed that GrB efficiently cleaves three proteins involved in extracellular matrix structure and function: vitrone..

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