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Differential effects of human neuromelanin and synthetic dopamine melanin on neuronal and glial cells

J Li, C Scheller, E Koutsilieri, F Griffiths, PM Beart, LD Mercer, G Halliday, E Kettle, D Rowe, P Riederer, M Gerlach, M Rodriguez, KL Double



We investigated the effects of neuromelanin (NM) isolated from the human substantia nigra and synthetic dopamine melanin (DAM) on neuronal and glial cell lines and on primary rat mesencephalic cultures. Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activity and lipid peroxidation were significantly increased in SK-N-SH cells by DAM but not by NM. In contrast, iron-saturated NM significantly increased LDH activity in SK-N-SH cells, compared with 100 mg/mL ETDA-treated NM containing a low concentration of bound iron. DAM, but not NM, stimulated hydroxyl radical production and increased SK-N-SH cell death via apoptotic-like mechanisms. Neither DAM nor NM induced any changes in the glial cell line U373. 3H-dopami..

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