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Rotaviruses interact with alpha 4 beta 7 and alpha 4 beta 1 integrins by binding the same integrin domains as natural ligands

KL Graham, FE Fleming, P Halasz, MJ Hewish, HS Nagesha, IH Holmes, Y Takada, BS Coulson

Journal of General Virology | MICROBIOLOGY SOC | Published : 2005


Group A rotaviruses are major intestinal pathogens that express potential alpha4beta1 and alpha4beta7 integrin ligand sequences Leu-Asp-Val and Leu-Asp-Ile in their outer capsid protein VP7, and Ile-Asp-Ala in their spike protein VP4. Monkey rotavirus SA11 can use recombinant alpha4beta1 as a cellular receptor. In this study a new potential alpha4beta1, alpha4beta7 and alpha9beta1 integrin ligand sequence, Tyr-Gly-Leu, was identified in VP4. It was shown that several human and monkey rotaviruses bound alpha4beta1 and alpha4beta7, but not alpha9beta1. Binding to alpha4beta1 mediated the infectivity and growth of monkey rotaviruses, and binding to alpha4beta7 mediated their infectivity. A porc..

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