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Improved in situ isotope analysis of low-Pb materials using LA-MC-ICP-MS with parallel ion counter and Faraday detection

B Paul, JD Woodhead, J Hergt

Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry | ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY | Published : 2005


A new analytical protocol is described allowing the measurement of Pb-isotope ratios, including the low abundance isotope Pb, in relatively small targets (∼ 100 micron) of low Pb content (1-10 ppm), such as might be encountered in the analysis of magmatic melt inclusions, for example. The analysis routine employed utilises multiple Faraday cups and two ion counters operated in static multi-collection mode. Concurrent analysis of the NIST 612 glass standard allows an external correction for mass bias, and simultaneous determination of ion counter gain, while Hg interference on Pb is corrected in real time by simultaneous acquisition of Hg in a second ion counter. Analytical precision appro..

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