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Hot flushes during the menopause transition: a longitudinal study in Australian-born women

JR Guthrie, L Dennerstein, JR Taffe, P Lehert, HG Burger

Menopause | LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS | Published : 2005


OBJECTIVE: To investigate factors associated with the presence, severity, and frequency of hot flushes. DESIGN: A 9-year prospective study of 438 Australian-born women, aged 45 to 55 years and menstruating at baseline. Annual fasting blood collection, physical measurements, and interviews including questions about bothersome hot flushes in previous 2 weeks were performed. A "hot flush index" score was calculated from the product of the severity and frequency data. Data were analyzed using random-effects time-series regression models. RESULTS: A total of 381 women supplied complete data over the follow-up years. A total of 350 women experienced the menopause transition, of whom 60 (17%) never..

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