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Mutation of chicken anemia virus VP2 differentially affects serine/threonine and tyrosine protein phosphatase activities

MA Peters, DC Jackson, BS Crabb, GF Browning

Journal of General Virology | MICROBIOLOGY SOC | Published : 2005


Novel dual-specificity protein phosphatases (DSPs), which catalyse the removal of phosphate from both phosphotyrosine and phosphoserine/phosphothreonine substrates, have recently been identified in two viruses within the family Circoviridae. Viral protein 2 (VP2) of chicken anemia virus (CAV) and ORF2 of TT virus have been shown to possess DSP activity in vitro. CAV VP2 is unusual in possessing two vicinal cysteines within the protein phosphatase signature motif. The first cysteine residue (C95) within the motif has been identified by mutagenesis as the essential catalytic cysteine. In this study, it was shown that virus mutated at this residue displayed a marked inhibition of growth, with t..

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