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Aquaporin-1 in the choroid plexuses of developing mammalian brain

PA Johansson, KM Dziegielewska, CJ Ek, MD Habgood, K Mollgard, A Potter, M Schuliga, NR Saunders

Cell and Tissue Research | SPRINGER | Published : 2005


The normal brain develops within a well-controlled stable internal "milieu" protected by specialised mechanisms referred to collectively as blood-brain barriers. A fundamental feature of this environment is the control of water flow in and out of the developing brain. Because of limited vascularisation of the immature brain, choroid plexuses, via the cerebrospinal fluid, have been proposed as the main route of fluid exchange between the blood and brain interfaces. We describe the temporal expression and appearance of aquaporin-1 (AQP1) which is important for water transfer across adult choroid plexuses. AQP1 expression was studied in rat embryos using real time reverse transcription/polymera..

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