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Control of an electromechanical brake for automotive brake-by-wire systems with an adapted motion control architecture

C Line, C Manzie, M Good

SAE 2004 Automotive Dynamics, Stability & Controls Conference and Exhibition | Published : 2004


A disk brake clamp force controller for electromechanical brakes (EMB) in automotive brake-by-wire systems may be obtained from a standard motion control architecture with cascaded position, speed and current control loops by replacing the outer position control loop with a force control loop. When implemented with proportional, integral and differential (PID) controllers this architecture generally performs well for standard motion control problems, but the EMB control problem is differentiated by a large operating range in which non-linear load disturbances such as friction become significant at high clamp forces of up to 30kN. This paper investigates the feasibility of a cascaded PI contr..

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