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Photoelectron spectroscopy of doubly and singly charged group VIB dimetalate anions: M2O72-, MM ' O-7(2-), and M2O7- (M, M ' = Cr, Mo, W)

HJ Zhai, X Huang, T Waters, XB Wang, RAJ O'Hair, AG Wedd, LS Wang

Journal of Physical Chemistry A | AMER CHEMICAL SOC | Published : 2005


We produced both doubly and singly charged Group VIB dimetalate species-M(2)O(7)(2-), MM'O(7)(2-), and M(2)O(7)(-) (M, M' = Cr, Mo, W)-using two different experimental techniques (electrospray ionization for the doubly charged anions and laser vaporization for the singly charged anions) and investigated their electronic and geometric structures using photoelectron spectroscopy and density functional calculations. Distinct changes in the electronic and geometric structures were observed as a function of the metal and charge state. The electron binding energies of the heteronuclear dianions MM'O(7)(2-) were observed to be roughly the average of those of their homonuclear counterparts (M(2)O(7)..

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