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Treatment of human tumor xenografts with monoclonal antibody 806 in combination with a prototypical epidermal growth factor receptor-specific antibody generates enhanced antitumor activity

RM Perera, Y Narita, FB Furnari, HK Gan, C Murone, M Ahikvist, RB Luwor, AW Burgess, E Stockert, AA Jungbluth, LJ Old, WK Cavenee, AM Scott, TG Johns

Clinical Cancer Research | AMER ASSOC CANCER RESEARCH | Published : 2005


Monoclonal antibody (mAb) 806 is a novel epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) antibody with significant antitumor activity that recognizes a mutant EGFR commonly expressed in glioma known as delta2-7 EGFR (de2-7 EGFR or EGFRvIII) and a subset of the wild-type (wt) EGFR found in cells that overexpress the receptor. We have used two human xenograft mouse models to examine the efficacy of mAb 806 in combination with mAb 528, a prototypical anti-EGFR antibody with similar specificity to cetuximab. Treatment of nude mice, bearing s.c. or i.c. tumor human xenografts expressing the wt or de2-7 EGFR, with mAbs 806 and 528 in combination resulted in additive and in some cases synergistic, antitumo..

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