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Enzymatic characterization, antigenic cross-reactivity and neutralization of dermonecrotic activity of five Loxosceles spider venoms of medical importance in the Americas

KC Barbaro, I Knysak, R Martins, C Hogan, K Winkel



Loxosceles spiders have a wide distribution in the temperate and tropical regions of the world. Loxoscelism is characterized by necrotic skin ulceration at the bite site and, less commonly, a systemic illness that may be fatal. The purpose of this study was to characterize and compare aspects of the major medically important Loxosceles spider venoms in a standardized manner, particularly considering their neutralization by two Brazilian antivenoms. By SDS-PAGE (12% acrylamide), Loxosceles deserta, Loxosceles gaucho, Loxosceles intermedia, Loxosceles laeta and Loxosceles reclusa venoms had similar electrophoretic profiles, with the major protein bands of 32-35 kDa. All venoms exhibited gelati..

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