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Localization of Idd11 is not associated with thymus and NKT cell abnormalities in NOD mice

TC Brodnicki, AL Fletcher, DG Pellicci, SP Berzins, P McClive, F Quirk, KE Webster, HS Scott, RL Boyd, DI Godfrey, G Morahan



Congenic mouse strains provide a unique resource for genetic dissection and biological characterization of chromosomal regions associated with diabetes progression in the nonobese diabetic (NOD) mouse. Idd11, a mouse diabetes susceptibility locus, was previously localized to a region on chromosome 4. Comparison of a panel of subcongenic NOD mouse strains with different intervals derived from the nondiabetic C57BL/6 (B6) strain now maps Idd11 to an approximately 8-Mb interval. B6-derived intervals protected congenic NOD mice from diabetes onset, even though lymphocytic infiltration of pancreatic islets was similar to that found in NOD mice. In addition, neither thymic structural irregularitie..

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