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Mesozoic cooling across the Yidun Arc, central-eastern Tibetan Plateau: A reconnaissance Ar-40/Ar-39 study

AJ Reid, CJL Wilson, D Phillips, S Liu

Tectonophysics | ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV | Published : 2005


40 39 40 39 40 39 40 39 Ar/ Ar dating of hydrous minerals from igneous and metamorphic rocks was undertaken with the aim of characterizing the thermal history of the Yidun Arc, eastern Tibetan Plateau. Regional metamorphism of Palaeozoic rocks of the western Yidun Arc occurred during the Early Triassic collision with the Qiangtang Block along the Jinsha Jiang Suture. Hornblende, muscovite, and biotite Ar/ Ar ages from syn-tectonic igneous rocks within this collision zone suggest that the region had cooled to below 300 °C by the Late Triassic. Muscovite samples from mica-schists within this collision zone yield variably discordant age spectra with generally Triassic Ar/ Ar ages, consistent..

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