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Modelling of mineral equilibria in ultrahigh-temperature metamorphic rocks from the Anapolis-Itaucu Complex, central Brazil

JA Baldwin, R Powell, M Brown, R Moraes, RA Fuck

Journal of Metamorphic Geology | WILEY | Published : 2005


A new quantitative approach to constraining mineral equilibria in sapphirine-bearing ultrahigh-temperature (UHT) granulites through the use of pseudosections and compatibility diagrams is presented, using a recently published thermodynamic model for sapphirine. The approach is illustrated with an example from an UHT locality in the Anápolis-Itauçu Complex, central Brazil, where modelling of mineral equilibria indicates peak metamorphic conditions of about 9 kbar and 1000 °C. The early formed, coarse-grained assemblage is garnet-orthopyroxene-sillimanite-quartz, which was subsequently modified following peak conditions. The retrograde pressure-temperature (P-T) path of this locality involves ..

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