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Perceptions of surfboard riders regarding the need for protective headgear

DM Taylor, D Bennett, M Carter, D Garewal, C Finch

Wilderness and Environmental Medicine | ALLIANCE COMMUNICATIONS GROUP DIVISION ALLEN PRESS | Published : 2005


OBJECTIVE: To examine the use of protective headgear by surfers, their perceptions of its usefulness, and barriers to its use. METHODS: A researcher-administered questionnaire was used to undertake a cross-sectional survey of 646 surfboard riders at 8 popular surfing beaches in Victoria, Australia. The main outcome measures were rate of use of headgear, perceptions of head injury risk relative to a range of other activities, perceptions regarding headgear, and the reasons for not wearing headgear. RESULTS: Most surfers were men (90.2%), young (mean age 28.2 years), and experienced (mean years of surfing 11.6). Only 245 (38.0%, 95% CI 34.2-41.9) surfers considered the risk of head injury whil..

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