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Investigation of cerebral development and injury in the prematurely born primate by magnetic resonance imaging and histopathology

T Inder, J Neil, C Kroenke, S Dieni, B Yoder, S Rees

Developmental Neuroscience | KARGER | Published : 2005


We summarize the preliminary results of brain histopathology and magnetic resonance imaging applied to a premature baboon model developed for evaluation of the pathogenesis and treatment of bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Cerebral development was assessed in 10 gestational control animals at time points of 125, 140 and 160 days of gestation (dg). On the basis of histopathology, conventional MRI and diffusion MRI, 125 dg is equivalent to 26-28 weeks of human gestation, 140 dg is equivalent to 30-32 weeks, and 160 dg is equivalent to term. Preliminary data are also presented for 33 experimental cases delivered at 125 dg, nursed for 2 weeks in an intensive care facility, and sacrificed at 139-140 d..

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