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The pigtail macaque MHC class I allele Mane-A*10 presents an immundominant SIV Gag epitope: identification, tetramer development and implications of immune escape and reversion

MZ Smith, CS Fernandez, A Chung, CJ Dale, R De Rose, J Lin, AG Brooks, KC Krebs, DI Watkins, DH O'Connor, MP Davenport, SJ Kent

Journal of Medical Primatology | WILEY | Published : 2005


The pigtail macaque (Macaca nemestrina) is a common model for the study of AIDS. The pigtail major histocompatibility complex class I allele Mane-A*10 restricts an immunodominant simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) Gag epitope (KP9) which rapidly mutates to escape T cell recognition following acute simian/human immunodeficiency virus infection. Two technologies for the detection of Mane-A*10 in outbred pigtail macaques were developed: reference strand-mediated conformational analysis and sequence-specific primer polymerase chain reaction. A Mane-A*10/KP9 tetramer was then developed to quantify CD8(+) T lymphocytes primed by multigenic DNA vaccination, which have previously been difficult to ..

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