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NKT cell stimulation with glycolipid antigen in vivo: Costimulation-dependent expansion, Bim-dependent contraction, and hyporesponsiveness to further antigenic challenge

AP Uldrich, NY Crowe, K Kyparissoudis, DG Pellicci, YF Zhan, AM Lew, P Bouillet, A Strasser, MJ Smyth, DI Godfrey

Journal of Immunology | AMER ASSOC IMMUNOLOGISTS | Published : 2005


Activation of NKT cells using the glycolipid alpha-galactosylceramide (alpha-GalCer) has availed many investigations into their immunoregulatory and therapeutic potential. However, it remains unclear how they respond to stimulation in vivo, which costimulatory pathways are important, and what factors (e.g., Ag availability and activation-induced cell death) limit their response. We have explored these questions in the context of an in vivo model of NKT cell dynamics spanning activation, population expansion, and subsequent contraction. Neither the B7/CD28 nor the CD40/CD40L costimulatory pathway was necessary for cytokine production by activated NKT cells, either early (2 h) or late (3 days)..

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