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The May 2003 eruption of Anatahan volcano, Mariana Islands: Geochemical evolution of a silicic island-arc volcano

JA Wade, T Plank, RJ Stern, DL Tollstrup, JB Gill, JC O'Leary, JM Eiler, RB Moore, JD Woodhead, F Trusdell, TP Fischer, DR Hilton

Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research | ELSEVIER | Published : 2005


The first historical eruption of Anatahan volcano began on May 10, 2003. Samples of tephra from early in the eruption were analyzed for major and trace elements, and Sr, Nd, Pb, Hf, and O isotopic compositions. The compositions of these tephras are compared with those of prehistoric samples of basalt and andesite, also newly reported here. The May 2003 eruptives are medium-K andesites with 59-63 wt.% SiO , and are otherwise homogeneous (varying less than 3% 2σ about the mean for 45 elements). Small, but systematic, chemical differences exist between dark (scoria) and light (pumice) fragments, which indicate fewer mafic and oxide phenocrysts in, and less degassing for, the pumice than scoria...

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