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A primordial solar-neon enriched component in the source of EM-I-type ocean island basalts from the Pitcairn Seamounts, Polynesia

M Honda, JD Woodhead

Earth and Planetary Science Letters | ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV | Published : 2005


Volcanic glasses dredged from the Pitcairn Seamounts of southeast Polynesia provide the least-altered basaltic material available with compositions corresponding to the EM-I mantle end-member [1] [A. Zindler and S.R. Hart. Chemical geodynamics. Ann. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci., 14, (1986) 493-571]. We report here the observation of apparent correlations between mantle neon and radiogenic isotopes (Sr, Nd and Pb) in these samples. Combined geochemical data from the Pitcairn Seamounts suggest apparent mixing of a MORB (mid-ocean ridge basalt) component and an enriched mantle component of EM-I type. The neon data indicate that the EM-I component is extremely enriched in primordial solar noble gases..

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