Conference Proceedings

Input-output stability of wireless networked control systems

Mohammad Tabbara, Dragan Nesic, Andrew R Teel

2005 44th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control & European Control Conference, Vols 1-8 | IEEE | Published : 2005


This paper provides a general framework for analyzing the stability of general nonlinear networked control systems (NCS) with disturbances in the setting of ℒp stability. With general, weak sufficient conditions on the NCS, we are able to conclude much tighter performance bounds than [1] and [2] for a very wide class of NCS. We also define the notion of persistently exciting (PE) scheduling protocols, discuss how PE leads to ℒp stability for high enough transmission rates and show that PE is a natural property to demand, especially in the design of wireless scheduling protocols. Our results are of wide applicability as the analyses require neither the existence nor explicit construction of L..

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