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The architecture of the E2 catchment modelling framework

JM Perraud, SP Seaton, JM Rahman, GP Davis, RM Argent, GD Podger

MODSIM05 - International Congress on Modelling and Simulation: Advances and Applications for Management and Decision Making, Proceedings | Published : 2005


Catchment management is becoming a more complex task. The sharing of water resources between traditional water users and the environment, the introduction of water and contaminant trading and water quantity and quality targets has necessitated a whole-of-catchment modelling approach. A variety of software products address this need. They range from abstract, general-purpose modelling frameworks which are not tailored to catchment modelling, to software that is applicable only to a specific catchment. Many of these catchment models are 'hardwired' with algorithms that may not be appropriate for another catchment, or do not allow for the reuse of prior modelling knowledge. E2 is a catchment mo..

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