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CTL recognition of a bulged viral peptide involves biased TCR selection

JJ Miles, D Elhassen, NA Borg, SL Silins, FE Tynan, JM Burrows, AW Purcell, L Kjer-Nielsen, J Rossjohn, SR Burrows, J McCluskey

Journal of Immunology | AMER ASSOC IMMUNOLOGISTS | Published : 2005


MHC class I molecules generally present peptides of 8-10 aa long, forming an extended coil in the HLA cleft. Although longer peptides can also bind to class I molecules, they tend to bulge from the cleft and it is not known whether the TCR repertoire has sufficient plasticity to recognize these determinants during the antiviral CTL response. In this study, we show that unrelated individuals infected with EBV generate a significant CTL response directed toward an HLA-B*3501-restricted, 11-mer epitope from the BZLF1 Ag. The 11-mer determinant adopts a highly bulged conformation with seven of the peptide side chains being solvent-exposed and available for TCR interaction. Such a complex potenti..

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