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The fallacy of epithelial mesenchymal transition in neoplasia.

David Tarin, Erik W Thompson, Donald F Newgreen

Cancer Research | American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) | Published : 2005


Epithelial mesenchymal transition has been postulated as a versatile mechanism which facilitates cellular repositioning and redeployment during embryonic development, tissue reconstruction after injury, carcinogenesis, and tumor metastasis. The hypothesis originates from parallels drawn between the morphology and behavior of locomotory and sedentary cells in vitro and in various normal and pathologic processes in vivo. This review analyzes data from several studies on embryonic development, wound healing, and the pathology of human tumors, including work from our own laboratory, to assess the validity of the proposal. It is concluded that there is no convincing evidence for conversion of epi..

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