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Role of integrin receptors for fibronectin, collagen and laminin in the regulation of ovarian carcinoma functions in response to a matrix microenvironment

N Ahmed, C Riley, G Rice, M Quinn

Clinical and Experimental Metastasis | SPRINGER | Published : 2005


Integrins play an important role in cellular matrix interactions requisite for cancer cell adhesion, growth, migration and invasion. In this study, we have investigated the expression of integrin subunits alpha3, alpha6, alphav and beta1 in normal ovaries, benign ovarian tumors and ovarian carcinomas of different pathological grades. The expression of these integrins in ovarian cancer cell lines was also investigated, and their role in sustaining proliferation, adhesion, migration and invasion in cohort with the activation of signaling pathways in response to extracellular matrices (ECM) was evaluated. We demonstrate a differential expression pattern of alpha3, alpha6, alphav and beta1 integ..

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