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Hydrogeochemistry of the Goulburn Valley region of the Murray Basin, Australia: Implications for flow paths and resource vulnerability

I Cartwright, TR Weaver



Groundwater in the Goulburn region of the Murray Basin (Australia) contains solutes derived mainly from evapotranspiration of rainfall-derived marine aerosols, silicate dissolution, and ion exchange. 14C data indicate that groundwater in the Shepparton Formation recharges vertically across the region, whereas groundwater in the Calivil-Renmark Formation shows a greater component of lateral flow. The overall pattern of geochemical and stable isotope variations implies that long-term vertical groundwater flow into the Calivil-Renmark Formation has occurred over thousands of years. Elevated C, N, and F concentrations, together with variable Cl/Br ratios and δ18O values, suggest that short-term ..

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