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Distinguishing groundwater flow paths in different fractured-rock aquifers using groundwater chemistry: Dandenong Ranges, southeast Australia

SO Tweed, TR Weaver, I Cartwright



Major ion geochemistry is used to qualitatively interpret groundwater residence times within an aquifer, and the extent of mixing between aquifers with distinctive mineralogy. In conjunction with hydraulic heads and stable isotope geochemistry, flow paths and inter-aquifer exchange are defined in a fractured-rock aquifer system in the Dandenong Ranges, southeast Australia. Stable isotopes indicate modern seasonal recharge throughout the system. At high elevations in the sub-catchment, which includes both marine Silurian-Devonian sedimentary and Tertiary basalt aquifers, Cl is derived primarily from cyclic salts, and differences in mineralogy result in groundwater from the basalt aquifer havi..

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