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Comparison of girth materials, girth tensions and their effects on performance in racehorses

J Bowers, RF Slocombe



OBJECTIVE: To compare the effect of girth materials and commonly used girth tensions on athletic performance of race-horses and to test the length tension properties of commercially available girths. PROCEDURE: Seven horses were exercised at speeds to produce 95% of maximal heart rates on 15 occasions using a randomised block design, and girthed with 5 different girths at 3 nominal tensions of 6, 12 or 18 kg. The girths used were a standard elastic race girth, an 'American' elastic race girth, an elastic race girth twice the normal width, a standard canvas race girth and a canvas race girth at twice the normal width. Tension in the girth was recorded continuously using an in-line load cell c..

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