Journal article

Paying research participants: a study of current practices in Australia

CL Fry, A Ritter, S Baldwin, KJ Bowen, P Gardiner, T Holt, R Jenkinson, J Johnston

Journal of Medical Ethics | B M J PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2005


OBJECTIVE: To examine current research payment practices and to inform development of clearer guidelines for researchers and ethics committees. DESIGN: Exploratory email based questionnaire study of current research participant reimbursement practices. A diverse sample of organisations and individuals were targeted. SETTING: Australia. PARTICIPANTS: Contacts in 84 key research organisations and select electronic listservers across Australia. A total of 100 completed questionnaires were received with representations from a variety of research areas (for example, market, alcohol and drug, medical, pharmaceutical and social research). MAIN MEASUREMENTS: Open-ended and fixed alternative question..

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