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The gerber–shiu function in a sparre andersen risk process perturbed by diffusion

S Li, J Garrido

Scandinavian Actuarial Journal | Published : 2005


We consider a Sparre Andersen risk process that is perturbed by an independent diffusion process, in which claim inter-arrival times have a generalized Erlang(n) distribution (i.e. as the sum of n independent exponentials, with possibly different means). This leads to a generalization of the defective renewal equations for the expected discounted penalty function at the time of ruin given by Tsai and Willmot [10,11] and Gerber and Shiu [21,22]. The limiting behavior of the expected discounted penalty function is studied, when the dispersion coefficient goes to zero. Finally, explicit results are given for the case where n=2. © 2005 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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