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Plasma levobupivacaine concentrations following scalp block in patients undergoing awake craniotomy

TG Costello, JR Cormack, LE Mather, B LaFerlita, MA Murphy, K Harris

British Journal of Anaesthesia | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2005


BACKGROUND: Levobupivacaine is an effective local anaesthetic agent for nerve blockade with less systemic toxicity than racemic bupivacaine. The safety and efficacy of levobupivacaine for scalp blockade during awake craniotomy have not been addressed previously. METHODS: Serial arterial plasma levobupivacaine concentrations following scalp blockade were measured to 2 h in 10 patients booked for awake craniotomy for epilepsy or tumour surgery. Bilateral scalp blockade providing surgical anaesthesia was achieved with a mean dose of 177 mg (2.5 mg kg(-1), range 1.6-3.2 mg kg(-1)) of levobupivacaine (0.5%, 5 mg ml(-1)) with epinephrine (5 microg ml(-1)) added immediately before the block inserti..

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