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Serotonin syndrome and the anaesthetist

D Jones, DA Story

Anaesthesia and Intensive Care | AUSTRALIAN SOC ANAESTHETISTS | Published : 2005


Serotonin syndrome results from excessive activation of serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine; 5-HT) receptors in the nervous system, on the surface of platelets, and on the vascular endothelium. The clinical manifestations are a triad of altered conscious state, autonomic dysfunction, and neuromuscular excitability. Clinical diagnostic criteria remain poorly defined and unvalidated, and there are no available investigations to confirm the diagnosis. The syndrome is caused by the administration of one or more drugs possessing serotonergic activity. Severe forms of the syndrome usually result from overdose, but can be induced by monotherapy. The exact incidence of serotonin syndrome remains unknown,..

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