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Optimal Power Control for Rayleigh-Faded Multiuser Systems with Outage Constraints

John Papandriopoulos, Jamie S Evans, Subhrakanti Dey

IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers | Published : 2005


How can we achieve the conflicting goals of reduced transmission power and increased capacity in a wireless network, without attempting to follow the instantaneous state of a fading channel? In this paper, we address this problem by jointly considering power control and multiuser detection (MUD) with outage-probability constraints in a Rayleigh fast-fading environment. The resulting power-control algorithms (PCAs) utilize the statistics of the channel and operate on a much slower timescale than traditional schemes. We propose an optimal iterative solution that is conceptually simple and finds the minimum sum power of all users while meeting their outage targets. Using a derived bound on outa..

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